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CSS shadow: ombre alle immagini con i CSS
Di Admin (del 02/07/2007 alle 16:41:56, in Web Design , letto 1750 volte)
So for a couple of years now, folks have been trying to find ways to work around the fact that the box-shadow property from CSS3 seems to perpetually be just a few months away from actually appearing in Web browsers everywhere. Box shadows are a very common design element, and not being able to use them on the Web is a real pain in the ass. You may have noticed that all block-style elements on this site include a very subtle shadow behind them. You can check out this post to see an example of what Iím talking about, and also to look at a picture of a really pretty girl. Two birds with one stone, I say. Iíve been adding shadows to my art with the aid of a little Photoshop automation. When Iíve got a piece of art cropped and color-corrected the way I want it, I run a Photoshop action that adds a five-pixel border around the art, throws a very subtle shadow behind it, and comps the whole thing on top of my background color. Itís easy and fast.