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Come ripulire il vostro BLOG...
Di Admin (del 24/09/2007 alle 11:33:27, in Web Design , letto 789 volte)
Spesso coloro che curano un Blog tagliano e incollano vari tipi di codici riempiendo il Blog di WIDGETS magari inutili. Non sempre questa operazione è utile. Così questa collezione di 50 tips può esservi utile:
Tied to the internet productivity movement is the internet uncluttering movement. There are a slew of new websites dedicated to helping you unclutter your home, your work and your life. I want to contribute to this movement with a manifesto for defeating blog clutter. Blog clutter is the stuff your readers really don’t need, and it serves mainly to get in the way of your content and other vital information. Your content and important pages are the signal, and blog clutter is the noise. You can enhance the first by cutting out more of the second. The 50 tips in this article will help you unclutter your sidebar, your footer, your posts, and your blog as a whole, and in doing so, enhance the simplicity and usability of your content-centered blog design.