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Web 2.Joke
Di hestiafra (del 06/10/2007 alle 03:40:55, in Web Marketing, letto 871 volte)
Among millions of MySpace pages there are two pages that deserve a special note. That’s because they promote the DJ sounds of two sitting U.S. Senators who just happen to be involved in high profile corruption/sex scandals. According to his profile, Sen. Ted Stevens left his Appropriations chairmanship to start “DJing mashup sets both in my homestate of Alaska, around my adopted home of Washington DC, and in New York City.” Sen. Larry Craig on the other hand is more straightforward in his profile simply stating, “I am not gay.” Sen. Craig’s remix mash-up of his now infamous “I am not gay” speech with the Pete Shelley (of the Buzzcocks) track “Homosapien” also does not cut corners. These hilarious social “netmocking” pages highlight how political stories and scandals can transcend the typical Hill rags and Alaska Daily News reporting into a social site with millions of users through innovative humor and a little bit of clever production. I’m not a huge MySpace/Facebook person but I don’t think I’ve ever seen fake politician pages made with such a clear focus while promoting the anonymous creators’ music. It probably doesn’t mark some great new trend in Web 2.0 or the Internet, but it is funny.fonte:www.sunlightfoundation.com