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Complete Web Design Templates
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 Se avete necessità di sviluppare velocemente un sito web eccovi una deliziosa lista di templates:

  1. TemplateNavigator: The largest catalogue of free website and flash templates, along with quality preview shots.
  2. TemplateBox: Over 300 freebie website, logo, banner, and flash templates to complement their collection of paid offerings.
  3. Template Monster: A small but very high-quality set of web, flash, and blog templates.
  4. Art for the Web: 75 freebie templates. Pretty good place to look if you’re looking for something slightly out of the ordinary.
  5. Free CSS Templates: A 206 template strong resource which is frequently updated with new submissions.
  6. Effex-Media: Free website templates designed by designers, this massive list is categorized by website type and includes user reviews of many of the templates.
  7. DotcomWebDesign: Hundreds of free templates, some of which are really top-notch. However, the categorization is a little arbitrary so be ready to spend some time manually searching.
  8. Themebot Design Templates: This site has some design templates, but not very many. There is a good amount of free themes.
  9. Groovy Lizard: Personal page templates (commercial use must buy a license)
  10. Interspire: Freebie web, Frontpage and Dreamweaver templates
  11. Joyful Heart Designs: Personal page templates generally with floral designs.
  12. OpenSourceTemplates: Free CSS and xhtml open source website templates and Web 2.0 designs.
  13. Ricky’s Web Templates: 50+ freebie templates, graphics, and buttons.
  14. Free CSS Templates: A dozen full-featured fully functional CSS based templates.
  15. FreekTemplates.com: A collection of business, cars and bikes, and hosting templates.
  16. Template Perfection: 200+ freebie templates with quite a few non-english oriented templates.
  17. TemplateWorkz: 48 freebie web templates, along with some basic logo and newsletter templates.
  18. Zymic: 80 freebie templates (HTML Pages + CSS + Images + PSD Files + Blank Images Files).
  19. OpenSourceTemplates: A community-driven CSS and xhtml open source template design showcase.
  20. Freelayouts: HTML and Flash templates.
  21. FreeCSSTemplates.org: Over 100 freebie CSS templates.
  22. Free Layouts: Complete list of hundreds of HTML, flash, and CSS templates.
  23. Free Templates Online: Dozens of easily customizable templates categorized by theme.
  24. Free Website Templates: A large collection of templates that don’t require a reciprocal link.
  25. Six-Shooter Media: Free CSS and xhtml open source templates.
  26. Free Flash Template: Web templates and intros with tons of special features.
  27. Layouts4Free.com: Free web layouts with search capability.
  28. Solucija: Free XHTML / CSS website templates already setup and sorted by commercial use.
  29. MasterTemplates: Professionally designed free website layouts along with PowerPoint templates.
  30. TemplateWorld: Free, tableless, W3C-compliant web design layouts designed by Template World designers.
  31. Painted Pixels: Free web page templates, buttons, and background tiles for non-commercial use.
  32. CSSFill: A selection of CSS / XHTML based layouts and templates by Michael Strand.
  33. ThemesBase: Templates organized by popular content management, blogging and forum systems.
  34. Arcsin Design Templates: 22 Freebie XTML and CSS Templates
  35. Snakeye Web Templates: 20 templates with a focus on Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
  36. Steve’s Templates: Dozens of templates, free with link back.
  37. GordonMac.com: Free CSS templates along with some freebie PHP scripts.
  38. Web Design Helper: Full page templates including the graphics and code.
  39. Webmaster Resources: 25 free web templates.