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Automated CSS Tools and Generators
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Come generare automaticamente layouts e CSS:

  1. CSS Creator: Select the form colors, number of columns, html version, and press a button. Presto, a CSS template for your page.
  2. Inknoise: The layout-o-matic: fill out the form and out pops your CSS.
  3. Strange Banana: Simply refresh the template generator until you get the style you like, then save the page which has your CSS embedded in the header.
  4. Nidahas: A CSS-based form template.
  5. Maketemplate: A PHP - HTML - CSS template generator for two column layouts.
  6. IBDjohn: CSS template generator for three column layouts.
  7. TemplatR: Another easy CSS template generator.
  8. PsycHo: Your own psychogenesis, your own web design template.
  9. Firdamatic: Tableless 2 or 3 column layout generator.
  10. Wordpress Theme Generator: Online generator creates custom unique Wordpress themes.