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Mimmo Langella: FUNK THAT JAZZ
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È uscito FUNK THAT JAZZ, il suo secondo CD solista con la partecipazione straordinaria di Scott Henderson, ascolta gli MP3!

Acquista il disco su www.guitar9.com oppure contattalo per ricevere una copia


The concept of "jazz" is difficult to define and like any other vague term it can mean anything. Over the course of their careers, many great musicians have altered the concept several times and with each time have redefined this term their own way; transfiguring - suffice it to think of Davis - what was taken for granted, into something new. Listening to the new work of Mimmo Langella forces the listener to smile for at least two good reasons: the first is that it’s about music that’s accessible and capable of being absorbed easily; second, bound up with the first, is that the guitarist succeeds in forgetting all the "grammar" making way for, in the ear of the listener, just its notes. Langella continues the musical journey begun some years ago with the record The Other Side. The jazz/blues influences absorbed after all these years merge naturally into a fine blend of styles on the rhythmic territory of black music roots (with pleasant hints of modern electro-lounge trends), colored with "retro" timbres so warm and "alive" that, when the listener closes their eyes, they seem to be there in the studio during the recording sessions...